The innovative and uniquely capable NASv2 deployable CCTV system has once again proven itself to be highly capable and well thought of by the customers. Yet another repeat order from a Security Integrator based in Russia means this two year, multi-unit relationship continues at a pace.

The Original NAS (Network Accessible Surveillance) unit was shown in Russia back in 2012 and received much acclaim. This was very quickly followed with an order for six of the ruggedised Predator Infra-red versions with windscreen wiper for an installation on a nuclear facility. The NAS needed to not only be robust enough to meet the harsh conditions the Russian winter would throw at it, such as -40C, but also be capable enough to protect this prestigious project.

There is no more proof of worth than repeat business and late last year the same customer purchased a further nine units. These were of the newly released NASv2 variety which encompassed all the same plethora of features of the original NAS whilst being housed in a much smaller footprint shell. Rather than the original Kevlar reinforced composite material, the NASv2 utilised an incredibly strong rotary moulded Polyethylene which not only helped to reduce the price but also made the NASv2 production substantially quicker.

So, 6 months on and how has the NASv2 faired over in the icing wastes of Russia? The easiest war to answer is to tell you the customer has just ordered another batch, so its fair to suggest they have done what they were sold to do and hopefully exceeded the customer’s expectations.

If you have a need for a truly rapidly deployable, remotely monitored, full function IP based CCTV system which only requires power, then look no further than the NASv2 and please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and join a group of very satisfied customers.

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The second annual security event at the Canadian High Commission was once again described by it’s attendees as a resounding success.

The Bloomfield Group, Avigilon, ASSA ABLOY and M.E.T. came together to host this most interesting event focused on High Definition CCTV, managed networks and innovative locking systems.

The guest list was extremely prestigious and follow up meetings have already been arranged.

The speakers on the day were Richard Bissett, Group MD of The Bloomfield Group, Ian Vickers, MD of M.E.T., Don Randall, Head of Security for The Bank of England, Dave Small, BDM for Avigilon, Ian Stokes, Head of FM for Oxford University and Dave Wigglesworth, MD of ASSA ABLOY.

The event was again split into two sessions with lunch in between for networking.

There were many products and solutions available for demonstration on the day including the NASv2 deployable CCTV system, 2,3,5,8,16 and 29megapixel cameras from Avigilon, managed network services, the Shine glass door locking system and the Cliq Remote master key system.

The team are now looking at venues and dates for a northern seminar sometime in April 2014.

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The Bloomfield Group is happy to announce that David Whittaker has been appointed as Engineering Manager with immediate effect.

Group MD Richard Bissett commented “Dave has worked for the Group for over a decade and is a very well liked and respected member of the team and this new challenge will help him hone his expertise further.”

It is hoped that Dave’s drive and enthusiasm will pull the already excellent engineering team to new heights with his focus being on technology and efficiencies.

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Chairman of the Bloomfield Group,

David Trimmer, has achieved considerable business success, playing an influential role in the security industry. He shares his views on developing a business and career in security, and his top tips for success.

David’s first piece of advice is to embrace technology and gain as much experience
in IT as possible. He has seen a phenomenal technical revolution in security since his early days. “I went to IFSEC in 1978 at Olympia and was staggered that there was nothing digital, not even a keypad. Alarms were literally a relay in a box, no sophistication, unbelievably simple.”

Secondly, he believes it is crucial to develop specialist areas and be different. “If what you offer is the same as everyone else, then ultimately you will compete on price. Look for a USP (Unique Selling Point), provide a unique service.”

As a systems integrator, the aim is to “come up with things that are different and make a difference”.

And thirdly, he advises gaining a sound understanding of finance. One tip, passed on from the entrepreneur behind GEC, Arnold Weinstock, has really helped, “He would ask for a summary of the company’s finances on a single sheet of paper”.

Dealing with a cross-section of organisations, David is in a good position to witness the effect of the current economic climate and review his own and other businesses’ response. “The main impact is the reluctance to upgrade or improve systems. It has also led to switching down in contract, trying to cut budgets.”

A further shift in business currently is that everything is tendered for, with loyalty a rare thing. David has three main ideas for dealing with this tight situation. Firstly, focus on value for money, “There is a huge difference between cheap and value for money, you can buy something cheap that is rubbish, when you get value for money, you are satisfied.” Secondly, and along the same vein, design systems to save money, “The security industry

can be successful if we look for ways to save money.” Finally, give a quality service and don’t cut corners.

Having achieved so much, how did David embark on and develop his career? It has not all been smooth sailing. His father, who had lived through the Great Depression, was keen on a ‘job for life’, and signed him up for an electrical apprenticeship. The firm was bought out just as David qualified, teaching him early that “disasters are often your best opportunities”.

His next opportunity was a stint with a guarding company, where, with another electrical engineer, he designed the first space detector. But in his twenties, his heart was drawn to a different type of career and he went on to be a teacher.

He loved his time teaching and learnt much from it. Although achieving considerable success, he needed to start his own business to supplement his modest earnings. In fact, money was so tight, he couldn’t afford the 30p tea club and pretended to dislike tea.

So, in January 1979 with £250 in orders and £75 in the bank – enough to survive for just three weeks – he decided to resign from this teaching post and run his business full time. He continued with minimum resources, travelling to his clients on his moped, with a pannier holding the equipment. But he learnt early if you do a good job, then people recommend you. Ten years later, David went back to the school in a Jaguar XJ8, took the head for lunch and thanked him for not giving him a promotion! And 34 years later, David is chairman of a successful group of companies.

Having a mentor is often cited as a key differentiator for those who achieve career success. David was lucky to have an excellent mentor in Fred Basterfield, a Harvard graduate and chairman of the Midlands Electrical Manufacturers. “He treated me like a son, I was enthusiastic but knew nothing about running a business. He didn’t tell me what to do; if I was over-enthusiastic he calmed me down, and if I was depressed he encouraged and channelled my ideas.”

What are David’s four top tips for success?

These have been honed over time and are well known to David’s colleagues as the 4Ps:

• Profit
• Professional
• Perfection
• Pleasure

Don’t do a job unless you make a Profit.

Seek to be Professional in everything you do, how you dress, speak, present; the whole package needs to be professional.

Seek Perfection. If you think you’ve made it, you haven’t, constantly check you are doing the right thing. If you do seek perfection, you get happy customers and suppliers.

If you seek these 3 Ps, then you ought to get Pleasure – it ought to be fun growing a company.

Andrea Berkoff
Features writer
City Security magazine


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After last year’s excellent seminar, The Bloomfield Group, MET, ASSA ABLOY and Avigilon are again coming together to host two half day events where we will showcase cutting edge security technology. We are privileged to announce that our keynote speaker will be Don Randall MBE, Head of Security for the Bank of England. 

Once again the venue will be the prestigious Canadian High Commission in London on 15th October 2013

Lunch will of course be provided and will follow the morning session and precede the afternoon session. If you would like to attend please call 0844 984 9645 to register your interest or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Due to the nature of the venue you will need to provide details of your employer and come with photo ID along with your personalised invitation or sadly you will be turned away.

We do hope you can join us and help make the event as successful as last year.


Your personalised invitation will be posted to you prior to the event

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It’s that time of year again. As with the last 7 years, the advanced party has gone out to Chatel to ensure there is food in the cupboard, the beds are made, the heating is on, oh, and that the wine cellar is suitable stocked.

On Saturday 2nd March 2013 a dozen or so selected customers and suppliers will meet at Geneva Airport and be transferred by a staff member to the spacious Chalet in Chatel on the Swiss / French border so the fun can begin.

They will ski, snowboard, eat and drink, enjoy Apres Ski and, if previous years are anything to go by, have a rather good time mixing fantastic networking and business discussion opportunities with like minded individuals who are also not averse to having a good laugh. There WILL be a lot of laughter!.

On Tuesday night the group will receive a short demonstration of some cutting edge technology like the 360Vision Technology 1080p Predator and the NASv2 deployable CCTV system. GJD and TDSi will also do a quick précis on their newest and latest technologies but we always keep it short and to the point as the smells from the kitchen draw peoples attention to dinner table for more chat and great food.

On Wednesday its all change as the first group are shuttled back to the Geneva Airport and the second group are transferred to Chatel. The clock resets and we start all over again.

If you are a Bloomfield Group customer or supplier and would like to be considered for the event in 2014 then please email in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know.

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The Bloomfield Group in partnership with MET and Avigilon are to showcase the future of high definition surveillance at the Canadian High Commission on 15th March 2013.

This prestigious day has been split in two with visitors coming for the AM session and staying for lunch or arriving at lunchtime and staying for the PM session. The two hour lunch has been setup to provide the best possible opportunity for networking as it is important that visitors talk with each other as well as with the hosts.

Avigilon are defining the future of protection through innovative high-definition surveillance solutions. Founded in 2004, they design and manufacture high-definition surveillance solutions that deliver the best evidence. Their open, industry-leading HD network video management software and mega pixel cameras are reinventing surveillance by providing  the world’s best image quality.

With Avigilon’s open components you can customise your own powerful, scalable and cost effective surveillance solution. With all of their hardware and software designed and manufactured in Canada, you will always get the best quality and the most reliable products in the industry.

MET specialises in IT support- managed services, IT project design and delivery and expert IT advice. MET has over 14 years experience designing, implementing and supporting complex IT solutions and projects for organisations across the UK. MET has also worked together with The Bloomfield Group to provide security solutions to run on IP networks securely.

Avigilon and MET are both obvious partners for The Bloomfield Group as all mentioned here have quality and service as their primary drivers and are measured on them by independent industry organisations.

With invitation-only places being sought after, The Bloomfield Group has already received 40 acceptances within two working days of the first tranche being sent out so its poised to be a very well supported, informative and enjoyable day.


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“Bloomfield Group Exhibit at IHEEM”

The IHEEM Annual Conference is the UK’s key meeting place for estates and facilities experts shaping the healthcare landscape and is the largest event in the Healthcare for Engineering, Estates and the Facilities community

This year over 70 companies displayed over 450 products.

Healthcare Estates (IHEEM) was an event that focuses on the design, build, maintenance and management of healthcare estates & facilities. The exhibition was the complete event for specifiers and high-level decision-makers from across the healthcare sector. Healthcare Estates Exhibition aimed to help visitors solve everyday problems, and develop long-term strategies to create efficient, clean, safe and sustainable environments for healthcare.

The Bloomfield Group had a stand at IHEEM this year to provide a forum for discussions with prospective and existing customers. The focus was how we could help them with security generally but also with specific industry challenges like metal and gas theft. The innovative NAS V2 deployable CCTV system was obviously discussed at length and the Bloomfield Group is now fully engaged in following up all the leads and opportunities.

We start it all over again next week when the Transport Security Expo kicks off on 14th November 2012.


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The award nominated NAS is soon to be superseded by the NAS V2, an equally well specified, totally deployable, remotely monitored CCTV system but in a much smaller and lighter package. The NAS V2 will be approximately half the size of the original NAS which itself has sold worldwide into such places as Russia, Malta, South Africa and now there is a growing interest in Canada and North America.

The Canadian / North American launch of the NAS V2 will take place at CANASA in Toronto on the 24th and 25th October followed by the European unveiling at The Transport Expo at London Olympia on the 14th and 15th November. Please come and see us on stand D40.

Asides from the much smaller footprint of the NAS V2 the other major positive is that it is available in almost any colour, or mixture of colours and there is no minimum order to achieve this so colour matching to a new build or having garish orange so it stands out as a deterrent is not a problem.

The NAS V2 features include;

  • 28:1 true day/night speed dome with infra red illumination to 100 metres in any direction, remotely programmable with privacy zones.
  • Option for ruggedised PTZ with infra red/white light and/or Thermal Imaging camera
  • 500gb digital video recorder capable of real time recording
  • Wireless receiver for up to 8 battery powered detectors
  • UPS backup in the event of mains failure
  • GPS tracked
  • 20watt Public Address Speaker for live audio annunciation
  • Transmits to Central Station, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Smart-phone, Android locally on wifi or remotely via LAN/WAN/3G/GPRS/HSDPA/HSUPA/EDGE
  • Incredibly strong yet lightweight vandal resistant structure
  • Quick fit lockable bracket for wall, corner or pole mount
  • Tested with Hydrogen Fuel Cell (available separately)  for where no mains electricity is possible

For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or telephone us on: 0844 984 9645

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David Trimmer has been appointed Group Executive Chairman of The Bloomfield Group. He has held the position of Managing Director for 33 years and now hands over the reins to Richard Bissett.

Richard joined the Company 14 years ago as Engineering Manager but for most of that time he has held the position of Technical Director. He has the experience and enthusiasm to drive The Bloomfield Group forward as this new chapter in its history unfolds.

David will now concentrate his efforts on networking and identifying new business opportunities.  When asked about the future David said “The entire Group Board was 100% behind Richard’s appointment and we have complete faith that he will succeed in taking The Bloomfield Group to the next level”.

James Basterfield, The Bloomfield Group’s Commercial Director, added “Richard’s technical expertise and knowledge of the security industry are second to none and I am thrilled that he accepted this position.” James will support Richard in all commercial and financial matters as he endeavours to develop the business further.

Richard thanked David, James and the Board for their support and stated “The business has a solid foundation and a great core of top quality people working for and with us. The next couple of years will be very exciting as we develop the business and push further into IP and integrated systems and other new and related technologies. Taking this Business to the next level is a very exciting challenge for me and with the support of my co-directors I am confident of continued success.”

Richard commenced his role as Group Managing Director on April 2nd 2012

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